It's my favorite day of the year!

I love Halloween. It is my very favorite holiday. I decorate, and I force the pets to participate. And ya, I am that person who gives out full-size candy to bribe the neighborhood to come by and show me their awesome costumes.

Four years ago today, I got a new reason to LOVE this day. I opened my email to find LegalZoom saying my new business was official, with my Federal Tax ID and a list of things I would need it for as I continued to set up my new business. It was a pretty surreal moment. It's funny how even typing this up now fills me with so much emotion.

I never expected this would grow into more than a one-gal operation at the time. But within a couple of months, I discovered there was more I could do for the people I had started to work with and for the industry if I could find some help.

I have hired some wonderful people over the last four years, many of who are still with us and others who moved on to new adventures, but one of the most critical hires was Jondi Soper. I asked Jondi to join me in this cardboard adventure. I needed a right hand, so to speak, to help me take the company to its next stage. She said, "yes!" and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Now our COO, Jondi has helped our clients and us for over three years with planning, project management, and much more.

With her acceptance of this new role, we also forged a leadership team to help guide the team, our work, and our clients. In the coming weeks, I plan to highlight everyone, including Jondi, in more detail on our new blog and the rest of our amazing team, too! They will also be sharing their insights and learnings on our new blog.

The new blog & website will grow to be a resource for the industry, working towards the same goal I set out to achieve when I started the company. But the company is hardly an I anymore; we are very much a We now, and that is why we decided it was time to say goodbye to my ninja icon and our logo for the last three years, as it just didn't feel fitting any longer.

We called up Blue Blazes, and they delivered! Check out our new lockup:

In case you were wondering, a lockup is the combination of all the logo components. So, from top to bottom, we have the new logo, wordmark, and tagline.

We are so happy with how this turned out and how our website partner, Brethren, pulled it together to create our new website. We kept it simple to start. A home page, where you can get a quick overview of what we do, an about page, where you can learn a little about who we are; and the blog, which will have some fun and plenty of helpful posts we hope you will enjoy checking out.

So happy birthday to us, and Happy Halloween to all of you! Let us know what you think about the new logo and website, and be sure to share any topics you would like us to talk about in the future.