Winston Churchill famously said “Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but also of reflection.” When you read this mini passage, what comes to mind? Is it spending cherished time with family? Reflecting on those you may be missing this holiday season? Or is it perhaps about traditions and activities?

Each of us at OffDutyNinja has our own unique board gaming traditions, whether it be playing a particular game or making a specific gift plan! Let’s check in with the team to learn more about their traditions!

To say that I am a huge fan of the Christmas season would be an understatement. Admittedly, I am maybe a little obsessed. Even years that I am less into it than usual, I probably am more into it than many people. It’s just my thing. Part of my “obsession” is to try to play Christmas-themed games. It used to be more difficult to find them, but more and more good ones are being released every year. My favorite is
Santa’s Workshop, originally released in 2017 from Rio Grande Games. I have played it every year for several years. I can’t even begin to express how excited I am about the upcoming new version from Elf Creek Games. The cover alone is gorgeous and I can’t wait to get it to my table next Christmas! Jondi, Chief Operating Officer

Little Big Thumbs is the YouTube channel I run with my kids, and our new tradition has been picking a game to share with our cousins in Ontario. We create a Christmas Day tutorial video, and when our extended families open the gift, they also receive a link to the video so we can help them learn how to play right after opening! In 2020, we sent them Dragomino from Blue Orange Games, and in 2021 it was Detective Charlie from IELLO’s LOKI line of children’s games. This year we’ll be hopping on a plane to visit our families, so we’ll be able to teach everyone the Christmas gift game in person! Jon-Paul, Editorial Manager

Holly Jolly!
While I am no Jondi when it comes to the love of the holiday, we will have some Christmas cheer hit the table this year. For starters, with Dice Throne being one of my all-time faves, I will be doling out the holiday beatings with Santa vs Krampus

I also snagged several copies of Holly Jolly from 25th Century Games for stocking stuffers. The game is fun, quick, and easy to learn, and the theme is on point!  Kira, Founder 

Do you have holiday gaming traditions of your own? We’d love to hear about them! OffDutyNinja is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and even Mastodon!