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OffDutyNinja is a dedicated team of marketing professionals, with a specific focus on the wonderful world of tabletop games! Whether it be a targeted crowdfunding campaign, establishing and building an engaged social media community, or planning out your marketing efforts, our team is your team.

Led by Founder, Kira Peavley and COO, Jondi Soper, our team's wide range of expertise focuses on the specific needs of our client teams and supports them to thrive doing what they do best - making great games.
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When we started ODN in 2018, we wanted to work to elevate the marketing mindset of the tabletop industry, and that remains true today. Through our efforts with our client teams and partners we have learned a lot and want to pass that on to help those who seek it. We aim to provide clear guidance and sage advice that the industry can rely on and help everyone pursue their goals with confidence.

Don't go it alone! Check out our blog for tips, learnings and insights, and some fun, too!
Check out our Blog!

Where we stand

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This is such a critical piece for us and for the teams we work with. When we say "our team is your team" it means we consider ourselves part of the teams we work with. These awesome humans are our co-workers.

Rising tides raise all ships as they say...

We work TOGETHER with our client teams to accomplish goals, and work to remove silos to create collaborative environments that will thrive.


We have the tools and processes in place to allow us to work in a collaborative, remote work environment.

From our home office (it's a Discord server), to our project management tools and everything in between, we are set up for clear communication and easy access to get to the information we need when we need it!

We are platform agnostic, which means we are comfortable in a variety of tools and will use what works best for the team we are collaborating with.


We function at the speed of change, how can we not? Especially in today's world.

"But what does that even mean?"

It means we are agile and ready to change direction as the situation dictates, from our marketing plans to the tools we use.

Company Culture

We built ourselves from a place of what we thought was not great about previous environments and dedicated ourselves to not do things like that! Genius, right?

But in all seriousness - it means, we do our jobs but when the time comes for family, mental and personal health, time off and whatever else pops up, we all step up and support each other so we have the space to do whatever we need to do. That goes for EVERYONE we work with.


We don't mean meditation... exactly.

But we do mean we review what we have done and see what we can learn from it. Was this good, bad, in the middle? What should we do about it, if anything?

Kinda sounds like an anxiety brain trying to fall asleep but for us it is critical to making sure we are always working toward improvement and optimization in every aspect of everything that we do.

Thought Leadership

We have a lot of experience on this awesome little team of ours and we want to share it so we can help others learn and grow from what helped us learn and grow.

I know, crazy, right?

This industry of ours has so much room for growth, so we will add what we can to that pot by sharing our insights, our failures, our wins, and probably some weird stuff that happened along the way over on our blog.

Team Leadership

OffDutyNinja is a fun, dedicated, and passionate team providing years of marketing expertise working with top brands inside and outside of the industry. Our leaders help drive our efforts and keep us up on all the trends, news, and emerging technologies so we can integrate them into our planning.

Kira Peavley


Jondi Soper

Chief Operating Officer

Carissa Yaffe

Backer Experience Manager

JP Decosse

Editorial Manager

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